I would like to wish everyone a belated (遅ればせながら) Happy New Year from Hankins English and welcome you to my new blog.

New Year in the UK

New Year’s Eve is not a public holiday (祝日) in the UK but many people have parties with their families at home in the evening or go drinking with their friends. Just before midnight people often sing the famous Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne” (「蛍の光」in Japan) . They also hug and kiss and wish each other a Happy New Year. Sometimes people set off fireworks as the New Year begins.

New Year’s Day is a public holiday and businesses and shops are usually closed. Most people stay at home and relax with their families.

New Year in the UK is not as big an event as it is in Japan but one thing that is the same is that people often make New Year’s resolutions (新年の抱負).

One of my resolutions was to start this blog. Here I will be introducing various topics including news about our school events, British and Japanese culture and also English learning advice.

Happy New Year from Hankins English
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